Saturday, March 22, 2008

RML Utilities

The Microsoft Download site has a tool called RML Utilities which can be used to process the profiler traces collected from a SQL Server instance.

SQL Profiler Traces are very helpful when we need to perform a Bottleneck Analysis in any SQL environment or you need to find out the before & after picture. But the daunting task remains in analyzing the Profiler Traces.

SQL Server provides an in-built function fn_trace_gettable() to load the collected profiler traces into a SQL Server database table. Please refer for more details:

Then you can run queries on this table to draw inferences from the profiler traces collected during that period. Lets say you wanted to find out all queries that had a duration above 10,000 and group the results by host name, then you could write a query in the following manner:

SELECT hostname, count(*) as counts
FROM tbl_trace
WHERE Duration > 10000
GROUP BY hostname

This is a tool that is used by Microsoft PSS to analyze SQL Server Profiler Traces collected by the PSSDIAG utility.

For more details, please refer:

Replay Markup Language

RML Utilities (x86) Download

RML Utilities (x64) Download

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