Sunday, May 25, 2008

Connect: SQL Server

I have spoken to a lot of people who are not really aware of the right medium of submitting product feedback for SQL Server or reporting defects online. The CONNECT site for MS is the way to go here. For reporting SQL Server related issues, please use the link

Product Wishes can also be filed here. If you do submit product defect that can be fixed then the Dev team will definitely fix it. Fixing a part of the code requires lot of strategic thinking as well as testing. One of the biggest reasons why some fixes are rejected is because of the fact this current change in the code would impact a lot of other parts of the product which is working seamlessly fine or has the possibility of impacting a fully functional error free component in an adverse manner.

So, in future if you do need to submit product feedback, please do so at Connect: SQL Server

We always welcome feedback regarding our Products and want our user community to tell us how to improve the same and what features they think they would be benefited with the most.

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